In the key learning area of Language, students learn about the English language. Language is fundamental to learning, thinking and communicating, and permeates the entire curriculum. It is necessary to learn language, learn about language, and learn through language, which in turn nurtures an appreciation of the richness of language and a love of literature.  The study of the English language is vital to the development of student literacy, enhances student learning in all areas of the curriculum, and provides students with communication skills and a critical understanding of language necessary for school life and beyond. 

At Waikerie Lutheran Primary School Language is organized into the three strands of communication; oral (Speaking and Listening), written (Reading and Writing) and visual (Viewing and Presenting). Students learn about texts, learn about and use language strategies and apply this knowledge and understanding to a range of contexts purposes and audiences.

Waikerie Lutheran Primary School has been involved in National Partnerships in Literacy, a government initiative to enhance literacy levels in students and to equip leaders and teachers in the classroom. This initiative has provided whole school Literacy development as well as providing some small group intervention for students.

LOTE (Language other than English)

In Languages other than English students not only learn about and gain an understanding of the Indonesian language, but they also acquire knowledge and understandings of Indonesian culture, society and traditions.

Mother Tongue
Mother Tongue is the language most frequently used at home. Students are supported to continue their Mother Tongue language as it is crucial for maintaining cultural identity and emotional stability.